6 Day Intensive

 for Unresolved pain is toxic to one’s soul and can manifest into self-destructive behaviors such as eating disorders, alcoholism, broken relationships with loved ones, intimacy issues, isolation, anger, and other disruptions.

In the 6 day program, you will begin to unearth the roots of pain and start a “detoxification” of all the unresolved emotional, chemical, physical, and spiritual manifestations that bind your soul. Armed with and the knowledge of how to fill your soul with self-love, worth, and trust, one can begin to live life free from the bonds of pain.


General Overview:

  • Those who are currently working with a therapist on but need more time than an hour session to break through to their core.
  • Those who need treatment but cannot commit to 42 days yet still want to take the beginning steps toward a new outlook and understanding to support the road to recovery.
  • Those who have been to treatment and are in recovery and have a feeling of fear of relapse or need to re-center oneself. 

If you are open to the process and willing to do the work and let go of some control for a week and if you want healing, our Intensive Programs are for you!


What our attendees have said about this program:

  • “…one of the most life-altering weeks I have ever experienced.”
  • “Phenomenal. A week of inner-exploration and realization of why I continue to engage in the thought process of my addiction to food”
  • “I have been in treatment several times and nothing compares to this week of extraordinary work and commitment by the facilitators.”
  • “The Week-long Intensive is just what the name implies… a week of intensive work.”

Admissions Info: 

Call 1-800-588-HOPE to reserve your spot today and to inquire about program costs. 

What’s included:

  • All workshops, meetings and activities
  • Room and board; daily meals*
  • Roundtrip transportation (from Abilene Regional Airport to Shades of Hope)

* All meals contain no sugar or white flour (i.e. “abstinent”) 

What’s Not Included 

  • Psychiatric services
  • Medical evaluation
  • Airfare from home airport to Abilene Regional Airport.


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